Rights-based Urban Development

We partner with community organizations, leaders, and advocates in the fight for the right to participatory development that ensures decent housing, jobs and healthy and stable communities for all. 

In the United States, economic development is often synonymous with rising land values and gentrification.Yet, there is an overwhelming consensus that this approach has brought us severe market failure reflected in the lack of affordable housing and poverty producing jobs. Whole communities - mostly of color, poor and working class, but increasingly the "middle class" as well - are continually being displaced from neighborhoods. Increasing homelessness, overcrowding, and declining quality of life and health for families and individuals all painfully reflect the human costs of this predatory and speculative approach to development. In response, we work with our partners to advance a human rights based approach to development that ensures decent housing, dignified jobs, and the stability to ensure the health of individuals and communities.



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