A Human Rights Approach To Social Movement Building

Human Right to Education

We work with community partners, advocates and educators to ensure that our public school systems create learning environments that protect human dignity and support the full academic, social and emotional development of every child. Learn more »

Human Right to Health

We work with community organizations, activists and advocates to create a universal health care system that is equitable and accountable to the people, and that treats health care as a public good, not as a commodity. Learn more »

Human Right to Housing

We partner with community leaders, activists and advocates in the fight for the right to participatory development and decent and affordable housing that ensures healthy and stable communities for all. Learn more »

Human Right to Work with Dignity

We partner with community and workers’ organizations to support the struggle for just wages and decent working conditions that ensure individuals, families, and communities an existence worthy of human dignity. Learn more »

A Platform for Economic & Social Rights

NESRI works with community partners to build a broad-based movement for economic and social rights, bringing together struggles for education, health, housing and work with dignity to create a cohesive platform for economic equity and social justice in the United States. Learn more »