Human Right to Work with Dignity

We partner with community and workers’ organizations to support the struggle for just wages and decent working conditions that ensure individuals, families, and communities an existence worthy of human dignity.

NESRI’s Human Right to Work with Dignity Program provides support to community and workers’ organizations advocating for governmental and corporate policies and practices that guarantee the opportunity for all to have fulfilling and dignified work under safe and healthy conditions and to receive fair wages that support a decent living. NESRI facilitates the use of human rights language and advocacy strategies in order to promote an approach to workers’ rights that is universal and addresses the rights of workers excluded from the protection of current labor law and demands accountability for human rights abuses from all employers. A cornerstone of this human rights approach is the participatory model – in which workers identify injustices and shape the strategies by which to demand and achieve their rights – that characterizes each of NESRI’s partner organizations.

Local Initiatives