October 14, 2010 | Work with Dignity
Pacific Tomato Growers, one of the country's oldest and largest tomato producers, and NESRI partner the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), the Florida-based farmworker organization spearheading the Campaign for Fair Food, have signed an innovative agreement that sets new standards for social... Keep reading »
October 4, 2010 | Health, Human Rights
The privatization wave has caught up with fire services, the quintessential public good in modern societies. "Ayn Rand Conservatism at Work -- Firefighters Let Family's House Burn Down Because Owner Didn't Pay $75 Fee" is an insightful background article about the importance of public goods: Keep reading »
September 22, 2010 | Housing
Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights member Picture the Homeless continues their fight to pass Intro 48 next week with a press conference at City Hall. Intro 48 would force the city to conduct an annual census of all vacant properties, an important step in the fight to open up these... Keep reading »
September 21, 2010 | Housing
Members of the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights (CRNHR) attended the Congressional Black Caucus Conference on Thursday and Friday, September 16 - 17. The CRNHR was in attendance to screen and speak about Coming Home: The Dry Storm , a documentary about the human right to housing crisis... Keep reading »
September 17, 2010 | Economic and Social Rights
As part of its submission to the United Nation’s human rights review of the United States, scheduled for November 5 in Geneva, Switzerland, NESRI releases a series of fact sheets outlining three main reasons why the United States fails to ensure economic and social rights. The fact sheets highlight... Keep reading »
September 10, 2010 | Economic and Social Rights
Yesterday Anja Rudiger, the Human Right to Health Program Director at NESRI, appeared on GRITtv with the show's host Laura Flanders and Barbara Crossette, the U.N. reporter for The Nation , in a segment called Human Rights For All – Reporting on the U.S. On August 20th, the Obama administration... Keep reading »
September 9, 2010 | Work with Dignity
NESRI released a statement criticizing Ahold, owner of supermarkets Stop and Shop and Giant, for the company’s refusal to cooperate with groups working to protect the human rights of workers in the Florida tomato industry. Since 2007, the Coalition for Immokalee Workers (CIW) has urged Ahold to... Keep reading »
September 7, 2010 | Health, Human Rights in the U.S.
NESRI and the Vermont Workers’ Center are preparing a comprehensive People’s Budget Report, which will audit the state budget from a human rights perspective and collect people’s experiences of the human rights impact of recent budget cuts. Vermonters are asked to complete a survey on how cuts to... Keep reading »
August 23, 2010 | Housing
IN THE Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park, Miguel Ortiz and his family have been working hard in preparation for opening a day-care center in their home. In addition to supplying free and affordable child care to low-income families in the neighborhood, and a safe space for children to go after... Keep reading »
August 17, 2010 | Housing
Watch the video and read the article documenting a family's struggle to stop foreclosure on a day care center and community meeting space. " A Rogers Park home day care center that was scheduled to open in a few weeks is now fighting foreclosure. The Ortiz family has invested more than $80,000 into... Keep reading »