April 1, 2010 | Health
Despite all the celebrations about the recent federal health reform law, the reform does not meet the key human rights standards of universality, equity, and accountability. To see why, read NESRI’s newly released statement here. For a detailed assessment of the reform, download this NESRI... Keep reading »
March 4, 2010 | Housing
Raquel Rolnik, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, will appear before the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva tomorrow. There she will present her report entitled “ Promotion and Protection of All Human Rights, Civil, Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Including... Keep reading »
February 26, 2010 | Economic and Social Rights
NESRI has published a commentary about the impact of the Olympics on marginalized communities in host cities across the globe. The article focuses on how the Olympics negatively affect low-income housing, creating displacement and homelessness, and how community groups are fighting back. Read the... Keep reading »
February 23, 2010 | Economic and Social Rights, Education, Work with Dignity
The U.S. Human Rights Fund has released their newest report, "Perfecting Our Union: Human Rights Stories Across the United States." The report includes case studies from several NESRI partners. Read the report here . Case studies in the report include the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) , the... Keep reading »
February 12, 2010 | Health
As we point to European countries as successful examples of publicly funded health care, activists across the pond – such as the Observatory on the Privatization of Health Care – may welcome our solidarity in their fight against the onslaught of privatization and commercialization. An example of... Keep reading »
February 2, 2010 | Housing
The February edition of Chicago Independent Television highlights the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign , which started out as an attempt to keep former Cabrini Green resident Lenise Forrest from being put out on the street before expanding into a citywide campaign against evictions and displacement... Keep reading »
January 29, 2010 | Health
Here's another contribution to the debate about what went wrong with health care reform. In The Oregonian's "Health care reform: Asking the right questions," Lawrence Wallack reinforces the argument that our advocacy should be about normative goals – the human right to health care, universality,... Keep reading »
January 22, 2010 | Health
NESRI has a new post up on Amnesty International’s Human Rights Now blog . Read the first two paragraphs here: "In a turbulent week in U.S. politics that saw the president abandoning his promise of universal health insurance and the Supreme Court elevating corporate spending in elections to a human... Keep reading »
January 10, 2010 | Health
“When we continue to have trouble affording truly comprehensive health coverage that provides a single standard of high quality care for all, we will feel angst.” Click here to read Donna Smith's article. Keep reading »