March 17, 2009 | Health
In response to President Obama’s eight principles for health care reform, the Human Right to Health Program, run by the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative and the National Health Law Program, has released ten human rights principles for financing health care. The ten principles set down... Keep reading »
December 23, 2008 | Health
A memo to President Obama by the former head of Amnesty International USA Read the article written by William F. Schulz, a senior fellow in human rights policy at the Center for American Progress, who served for twelve years as executive director of Amnesty International USA. Keep reading »
December 8, 2008 | Education
NESRI recently released the report “Teachers Talk: School Culture, Safety and Human Rights.” Teachers surveyed in New York City schools reported that under-resourced and overcrowded classrooms contribute to destructive school climates that threaten the human right to education and the ability of... Keep reading »
December 2, 2008 | Health
The City-County Board of Health in Lewis & Clark County, Montana, has adopted a resolution that recognizes the human right to health and health care and commits the country to develop a universal health care system: From the Board of Health's Resolution, adopted December 4, 2008: Keep reading »
August 7, 2008 | Human Rights
In a few short days, millions of spectators will fill the stands of the Olympic stadium in Beijing to witness the best display of athleticism that our international community has to offer. The inspiration to be garnered in the athletic setting is guaranteed, but can the games inspire us politically... Keep reading »
July 18, 2008 | Housing
By Cathy Albisa Every time I talk to my seven year old about possibly moving some day, he says “Mom, you know I am not any good at that!” He probably speaks for most people. But most people do move at some point – new jobs, better or cheaper housing, better schools, etc. We embrace the anxiety and... Keep reading »
July 7, 2008 | Health
Binaries are a central theme in American political culture. From a two party political system (which, at election time, gives rise to another binary – winners and losers) to an economy which increasingly creates haves and have-nots, this diverse country is often broken down into only two, usually... Keep reading »
July 6, 2008 | Health
A human rights vision for health care is not modest. But it doesn’t need many words. Let’s try it: We need a health care system that · meets the needs of everyone, · is free at the point of delivery, · is based on clinical need, not ability to pay That sounds too ambitious? Too expensive? Too... Keep reading »
June 9, 2008 | Housing
Would the U.S. government take victims rendered homeless due to natural disaster and place them in temporary shelters filled with toxic gas for over two years? The answer is a horrifying and resounding, Yes. Keep reading »