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October 26, 2016 | Health
The Pennsylvania Insurance Department will allow health insurance companies to raise rates by an astounding 32.5% next year. On the heels of this news, we are jointly releasing Beyond Coverage: Putting People First in Pennsylvania's Healthcare System , a report we co-published with our partner Put... Keep reading »
September 21, 2016 | Economic and Social Rights, Education
Today, Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) released the policy platform, Counselors Not Cops: Ending the Regular Presence of Law Enforcement in Schools . The DSC is a national coalition of over 100 organizations in 27 states and the District of Columbia representing students, parents, advocates and... Keep reading »
September 1, 2016 | Health
Over the last few weeks, the decisions of two big healthcare companies have rattled many. Aetna and Mylan’s actions should surprise no one. In a healthcare system that values profits over people, these companies are doing precisely what they are designed to do: make money. Keep reading »
August 5, 2016 | Economic and Social Rights, Human Rights in the U.S.
Earlier this week, the Movement for Black Lives released A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice . After a year-long process involving more than 50 organizations, the movement has offered a broad mandate that can support deep and lasting change. It is... Keep reading »
July 15, 2016 | Economic and Social Rights, Human Rights in the U.S.
Our hearts are heavy for the loved ones of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling and the wider community that continues to reel and mourn the ongoing state sanctioned killings of Black people. We renew our condemnation of the killings of Black people at the hands of police. Our calendars are too full... Keep reading »
July 14, 2016 | Economic and Social Rights, Education
This week, U.S. Secretary of Education John King called on charter schools across the country to rethink their use of exclusionary discipline practices like suspensions and ex-pulsions, so that more students remain in school to learn. At a speech given at the National Charter School Conference in... Keep reading »
June 14, 2016 | Human Rights in the U.S.
We send our solidarity and love to the victims and families of those injured and the families of those killed at the massacre at "Latin Night" at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and all queer communities of color. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, distorted notions of masculinity, militarism,... Keep reading »
June 7, 2016 | Work with Dignity
Of the many millions of workers across the country facing wage theft, retaliation, workplace injuries and other denials of dignity in the workplace, farmworkers face some of the most brutal conditions. We at the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) agree with and support the... Keep reading »
May 23, 2016 | Economic and Social Rights, Housing, Human Rights in the U.S., Work with Dignity
As the second trial of six Baltimore City police officers charged for the April 2015 killing of Freddie Gray ends without a conviction, some city officials are making efforts to address the structural racism and inequality that has left neighborhoods of color void of private capital and public... Keep reading »
May 12, 2016 | Work with Dignity
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a new rule allowing the agency to hold employers accountable for retaliating against workers for reporting injuries even when a complaint is anonymous. Previously OSHA could only respond when a worker made a complaint of retaliation... Keep reading »


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