Human Rights

Human Rights: A Global Vision

Around the world, peoples and nations have recognized the importance of human rights as a fundamental part of social justice. But what are human rights? For most people, human rights are a set of values as much as a set of laws. For activists, they can be a set of tools or a vision. Human rights also express themselves as the global social justice movement for our time. Keep Reading »

Human Rights in the United States

In recent history, the United States government and many organizations in the United States have often talked about human rights as if they were only relevant to abuses in other countries, and claims of human rights violations were leveled by, not at, the U.S. government. Although human rights documents and treaties claimed to discuss universal rights obligations that applied to all countries, the prevailing wisdom was that people in the United States did not need human rights standards or international scrutiny to protect their rights. Yet, many Americans have always believed that the struggle for human rights is profoundly relevant to the United States. Keep Reading »

Building a Social Movement in the United States

Social movements are the best route towards sustainable change. The human rights movement in the United States seeks social change based on an embrace of universal values, a commitment to a comprehensive set of rights, and a recognition that leadership must come from those most directly impacted by human rights violations. Keep Reading »

Economic and Social Rights

Human rights are based on principles of dignity and freedom. Both are severely compromised when human beings cannot meet their fundamental needs. Economic and social rights guarantee that every person be afforded conditions under which they are able to meet their needs. In particular, economic and social rights include...Keep Reading »