Social Movement Building Initiatives

A New Social Contract

A New Social Contract advances comprehensive, transformative, community-led solutions that protect human rights, build equitable systems for everyone and deepen our democracy. Learn more »

Advancing Dignity in Schools

We work with community partners, advocates and educators to ensure that our public school systems create learning environments that protect human dignity and support the full academic, social and emotional development of every child. Learn more »

Campaigning for the Human Right to Healthcare

We work with community organizations, activists and advocates to create a universal health care system that is equitable and accountable to the people, and that treats health care as a public good, not as a commodity. Learn more »

Human Rights Budgeting

To put people before money, we must flip the way we make public budgets. Learn more »

Injured and Ill Workers' Rights

We work with communities, workers' organizations and advocates to ensure full, prompt and guaranteed access for injured and ill workers to the health care, income support, rehabilitation and retraining they need. Learn more »

Rights-based Urban Development

We partner with community organizations, leaders, and advocates in the fight for the right to participatory development that ensures decent housing and healthy and stable communities for all. Learn more »

Worker-driven Social Responsibility

We partner with worker organizations to demand and create Worker-driven Social Responsibility models that ensure the human rights of workers at the bottom of corporate supply chains. Learn more »

Worker-Centered Enforcement

We work with community and workers' organizations to ensure systems of workplace accountability protect human dignity and enable all workers to freely exercise their rights. Learn more »