Campaigning for the Human Right to Health Care

We support the growing people’s movement for the human right to health care, which is building momentum, state by state, for a universal health care system that is equitably financed and provides health care as a public good, not a commodity.

All people have the right to get the health care they need, regardless of how much money they have or any other factors. Yet despite the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, millions of people remain excluded from access to needed care because they cannot afford to pay high insurance costs and out-of-pocket fees, because their insurance company refuses to cover their health needs, because their states fail to expand Medicaid or because they are discriminated against for their immigration status. NESRI is part of a people’s movement organizing state by state to win a universal, publicly financed health care system that recognizes health care as a human right and provides care as a public good to everyone.

After succeeding in passing the country’s first commitment to implementing a universal health care law in Vermont, the Healthcare Is a Human Right movement is now opening political possibilities well beyond Vermont’s borders. NESRI supports campaigns in Maine, Maryland and Pennsylvania as well as Vermont, which have come together to form the Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaborative, and we work with allies across the country to advance right-based health care policies and grassroots organizing. Together we are promoting a bold vision rooted in human rights, and a set of principles, tools and methods to build people power and advance equity and justice in health care and beyond.


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