Human Rights Organizing Project

The Human Rights Organizing Project documents, shares and advances a human rights organizing model for the United States.

Change happens when the people most impacted by injustice come together to build their power and grow a grassroots movement guided by a vision of a just society. Over the past decade, NESRI has worked with diverse community partners towards economic and social rights in the United States. Together we have developed a human rights organizing model that has changed policy and practice across the country. This model captures the key components of a strategy for change, ranging from base-building and leadership development to forging a rights-based narrative and campaign.

The Human Rights Organizing Project (HROP) is working to refine and spread this model to more communities organizing for their economic and social rights. Drawing upon our shared experience and knowledge, HROP documents best practices and provides resources, tools and curricula for organizers, leaders and advocates. These resources are designed to enable grassroots organizations to use the main elements of a human rights organizing approach in their social change work. With our partners and allies, HROP continues to refine and develop our collective understanding of human rights organizing and provide strategic guidance, capacity building and trainings. We believe a consistent, deep and broad application of a human rights organizing model will enhance the strategic impact, sustainability and internal democracy of grassroots organizations and the broader movement.