Injured & Ill Workers' Rights

We work with communities, workers' organizations and advocates to ensure full, prompt and guaranteed access for workers who are injured or ill to the health care, income support, rehabilitation and retraining they need.

When people are injured or fall ill, no matter the cause, they need two things: health care and, if they are unable to work, the means to meet their needs and to live in dignity. In theory, workers’ compensation systems were set up in every state to efficiently and seamlessly deliver access to medical care and income support for anyone injured or made ill on the job. In reality, workers face delayed and denied access to workers’ comp, intimidation, and stigmatization.

NESRI promotes access for workers who are injured or ill to health care, income support, rehabilitation and retraining through reliable and effective public accountability mechanisms that support workers’ participation. We work with workers' centers in and around Chicago to document human rights abuses and support campaigns for workers' human rights, and partner with the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health to manage the Workers' Comp Hub, an online resource hub for for injured and ill workers, activists and advocates. The Hub features a regular newsletter with workers' comp news from around the country, a resource library, and a directory of agencies and organizations to help workers navigate the workers' comp system.

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