Worker-Centered Enforcement

We partner with workers' organizations to ensure systems of workplace accountability protect human dignity and enable all workers to freely exercise their rights.

Every person has the human right to work with dignity, yet existing labor standards are insufficient and workplace democracy is inadequately supported. However, standards without enforcement are meaningless, and even today's basic workplace protections are being increasingly dismantled as low-wage, precarious jobs become the new normal. Wage theft, needlessly dangerous and unhealthy working conditions, and denial of access to workers' compensation in case of injury are among the violations of basic workplace standards that are routine across a growing share of workplaces. A major contributing factor to this breakdown in accountability is the relative impunity of employers when they retaliate against and intimidate workers who bring attention to these abuses. 

NESRI supports campaigns that protect workers' ability to exercise their rights on the job and create a reliable path to justice for workers at the center of enforcement. In collaboration with worker centers, we promote public and private systems of workplace accountability that increase the power and participation of workers in enforcing their right to work with dignity.

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