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March 24, 2017
ICE's arrest of human rights defenders José Enrique and Zully was politically motivated, and Vermont's officials must protect the rights of everyone in Vermont, writes writes Ellen Schwartz,... Keep reading »
March 9, 2017
Florida’s tomato pickers took on some of the country’s biggest retailers and fast-food chains – and won, transforming working conditions in the tomato fields. Now they and their allies are trying to... Keep reading »
March 9, 2017
This is one of a series of interviews by Sarah Jaffe with key figures in the growing movement(s) against our reactionary new federal government. Keep reading »
March 3, 2017
Brittany Scott, representante de NESRI, aseguró que grandes corporaciones se han convertido en talleres de explotación laboral gracias a este tipo de contratos, en los que apenas se ganan 9 dólares... Keep reading »
March 3, 2017
Piden una enmienda a una acta laboral para poder ser contratados a tiempo completo y recibir beneficios. Keep reading »
March 2, 2017
Labor advocacy groups claim some Illinois businesses are taking advantage of temporary workers. A report released Thursday by the National Staffing Workers Alliance and National Economic and Social... Keep reading »
March 2, 2017
CHICAGO (CBS) — A state lawmaker and other advocates are speaking out for temporary workers in Illinois who think companies take advantage of them. WBBM’s Craig Dellimore reports. A study by a labor... Keep reading »
March 1, 2017
Six months ago, social and economic justice groups with a stake in what’s largely known as the Black Lives Matter movement illuminated an exit path out of decades of systemic racism in the U.S... Keep reading »
February 26, 2016
NESRI's Ben Palmquist spoke on the Brain Labor Report , a radio show out of Ashland, Oregon, about workers' compensation, universal, publicly financed health care, and the movements organizing to win... Keep reading »
August 21, 2015
THE BRONX - An Eastchester middle school has done away with suspending students under the districtwide "B-21" rule. New York City's Department of Education recently released its school climate... Keep reading »



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