February 4, 2009 | Work with Dignity
On Wednesday, the New York State Assembly Labor Committee approved legislation to provide comprehensive labor standards to domestic workers employed in private homes. The bill, known as the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (A1470), is the first state initiative of its kind and if passed by the... Keep reading »
February 3, 2009 | Health
The Human Right to Health Program releases the working document "Embedding the Human Right to Health Care in U.S. State Constitutions: A Progress Review and Lessons for Advocates." The report, prepared by Kathrin Rüegg, is based on a review of recent constitutional amendment efforts in a number of states across the US. While acknowledging the significant challenges faced by these... Keep reading »
January 28, 2009 | Health
In the Seattle Post-Intelligencer op-ed "Treat Health Care as a Human Right," two Seattle based physicians argue that "the only way to create a durable [health] system -- one that is equitable and affordable, allowing everyone to get the care they need -- is to design it around human rights... Keep reading »
January 23, 2009 | Health
Northwest Health Law Advocates (NoHLA) released a report, "Washington State's Health Reform Proposals: A Human Rights Assessment."  The report uses a human rights framework to evaluate the five proposals that the Washington... Keep reading »
January 9, 2009 | Human Rights in the U.S.
President-Elect Barack Obama, Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi received letters urging the signing of an Executive Order authorizing the Gulf Coast Civic Works Program and the inclusion of $6.7 billion for Gulf Coast Civic Works projects to rebuild communities, restore the coastal environment and revitalize local economies in the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act... Keep reading »
January 7, 2009 | Health
  In December 2008 Faithful Reform in Health Care sent a national sign-on letter from faith communities to President-... Keep reading »
December 23, 2008 | Health
A memo to President Obama by the former head of Amnesty International USA Read the article written by William F. Schulz, a senior fellow in human rights policy at the Center for American Progress, who served for twelve years as executive director of Amnesty International USA. Keep reading »
December 14, 2008 | Health
"Health Reform From Bottom Up," an editorial in the Helena Independent Record of Montana, applauds the Lewis and Clark City-County Health Board for a resolution recognizing health care is a "basic human right." The editorial concludes by stating "In the 21st century... Keep reading »
December 8, 2008 | Education
NESRI recently released the report “Teachers Talk: School Culture, Safety and Human Rights.” Teachers surveyed in New York City schools reported that under-resourced and overcrowded classrooms contribute to destructive school climates that threaten the human right to education and the ability of teachers to develop positive relationships with their students. Without... Keep reading »


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