June 5, 2007 | Education
"I had a B, but because I was suspended it dropped to an F. The teacher encouraged me to enroll in continuation school." "They acted like they did not want him there anymore." Testimonials like these, from parents and students in South Los Angeles public schools shed light on the tragedy beneath the so-called "dropout crisis" – an educational system where the lack of positive supports... Keep reading »
May 13, 2007 | Education
NESRI's Liz Sullivan had her letter published in the LA Times. Read the letter. Keep reading »
April 10, 2007 | Education
NESRI's Human Right to Education Program Director Liz Sullivan writes, "In a recent report produced in collaboration with community organizations in Los Angeles, the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) documented practices in Los Angeles schools that severely undermine students' rights to education, dignity and freedom from discrimination."... Keep reading »
April 9, 2007 | Work with Dignity
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), and McDonald's USA, working with McDonald's produce suppliers, today announced plans to work together to address wages and working conditions for the farmworkers who pick Florida tomatoes. Beginning in the 2007 growing season, McDonald's USA, through its produce suppliers, will pay an additional penny per pound for Florida tomatoes supplied to its U.... Keep reading »
March 30, 2007 | Education
Two articles concerning the new LAUSD were recently published in Learning Power.  One of the articles is by NESRI's Liz Sullivan and speaks to the LAUSD Board of Education adopting a new discipline policy on February 27, 2007.   The new policy aims at reducing suspensions through "positive behavior support" that prevents and constructively intervenes in student misbehavior. Read... Keep reading »
March 22, 2007 | Education
Read an article in El Diario citing the NESRI document on excessive discipline in schools in New York City. Read the entire article. Keep reading »
March 22, 2007 | Education
"Public school in New York or Los Angeles can be more like boot camp, students say in a wide-ranging disciplinary study released yesterday." Read the rest of the article. Keep reading »
March 21, 2007 | Education
New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum says the Department of Education must do more for abused school children.  Read the article and watch a clip of Gotbaum. Keep reading »
February 28, 2007 | Education
The Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday adopted a new, districtwide discipline policy aimed at decreasing the number of students suspended and kept after school for misbehaving.  Read an article in the Los Angeles Times describing the new policy. Keep reading »
February 6, 2007 | Education
"Parents and educators propose an innovative approach to fixing New York’s public schools: rebuild the system using human rights." Read "Education, by Rights," an article by Cecilia Blewer and NESRI's Liz Sullivan. Keep reading »


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