March 21, 2007 | Education
New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum says the Department of Education must do more for abused school children.  Read the article and watch a clip of Gotbaum. Keep reading »
February 28, 2007 | Education
The Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday adopted a new, districtwide discipline policy aimed at decreasing the number of students suspended and kept after school for misbehaving.  Read an article in the Los Angeles Times describing the new policy. Keep reading »
February 6, 2007 | Education
"Parents and educators propose an innovative approach to fixing New York’s public schools: rebuild the system using human rights." Read "Education, by Rights," an article by Cecilia Blewer and NESRI's Liz Sullivan. Keep reading »
October 30, 2006 | Housing
In late October 2006 eight delegates from New Orleans, LA and Biloxi, MS left on a trip to meet with activists in Thailand and Indonesia. Here is a photo from their trip! Latosha Brown, Sam Jackson, Rev. Frederick Fields, Rev. Lois Dejean, Nathalie Walker and Vicky Cintra in Plaa... Keep reading »
June 22, 2006 | Education
"The stories you will hear tonight are not supposed to happen."  Parent and CADRE (Community Asset Development Re-Defining Education) member Naomi Haywood stood on the low stage at the front of the packed meeting room. The parents and students from the South Los Angeles community that filled the room mirrored Haywood's frustration and outrage. They exploded into applause for her and co-facilitator... Keep reading »
May 22, 2006 | Education
Read the Testimony to New York City Council on the Right to Participation submitted in May 2006 by NESRI and the Urban Justice Center.  These groups presented the testimony to the New York City Council Education Committee about the right to... Keep reading »
May 22, 2006 | Education
Gail Robinson wrote an article, quoting NESRI's Liz Sullivan's testimony to the New York City Council Education Committee about the right to participation in NYC Schools. Read the entire article. Keep reading »


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