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"Insult to Injury": A Special Investigative Report on Workers' Compensation by ProPublica & NPR

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Publication Date: 
March 4, 2015

In a special four-part joint investigative series, ProPublica and National Public Radio explore workers' compensation, and how decades of legislative attacks have cut away at workers' protections, denying many injured workers their rights to health care and replacement wages.

The series includes articles on huge cuts in the income supports workers receive and the inequities and illogic of vastly different payments in different states for the same injuries. It also features a radio report, a photo essay, and interactive charts tracing legislation in all 50 states, the decline of employers' payments into the workers' comp system, and a state-by-state comparison of how much workers can be paid for the loss of use of specific parts of their body.

To accompany the series, NESRI produced a quick reference guide summarizing key problems in workers' compensation plus recommendations for some (though far from all) needed policy changes. The guide is available below, and also on the Workers' Comp Hub, a website hosted jointly by NESRI and National COSH with many more resources and tools.

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