Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC)

The Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) is a national coalition of 98 organizations from 24 states united to challenge the systemic problem of pushout  in our nation's schools and advocate for the human right of every young person to a quality education and to be treated with dignity. The DSC brings together parents, youth, advocates and educators to support alternatives to a culture of zero-tolerance, punishment and removal in our schools.

NESRI serves as the Anchor Organization for the DSC, housing and overseeing its staff, and is a member of the national Coordinating Committee. NESRI works with the DSC to organize national advocacy campaigns and actions, and to share strategies and best practices through annual meetings, webinars and the Campaign's on-line resources.


Model School Code

The DSC Model Code on Education and Dignity presents a set of recommended policies to schools, districts, and legislators to help end school pushout and protect the human rights to education, dignity, participation and freedom from discrimination. The code is the culmination of several years of research and dialogue with students, parents, educators, advocates and researchers who came together to envision a school system that supports all children and young people in reaching their full potential. NESRI served on the Editorial Committee for the Model Code and has continued to work with DSC members to use the Model Code in campaigns to change local and state policies.

The Model Code is organized into five chapters:

1) Education,

2) Participation,

3) Dignity,

4) Freedom from Discrimination, and

5) Data, Monitoring and Accountability.

Each of these chapters addresses a different key component of providing a high quality education and reflects core human rights principles and values. Each chapter includes recommended policies for states, districts and schools. NESRI collaborates with DSC to provide workshops and webinars on the Model Code and to support DSC members in communities across the country in implementing sections of the Model Code through local and state-wide campaigns.

Moratorium on Out-of-School Suspensions

DSC and the national Opportunity to Learn Campaign partnered together to launch the Solutions Not Suspensions Initiative, a call for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions. Over 3 million students are suspended out of school each year contributing to pushout across the country. To implement this moratorium, Solutions Not Suspensions, a grassroots initiative of students, educators, parents, and community leaders, is calling on states and districts to support teachers and schools in dealing with discipline in positive ways - keeping students in the classroom and helping educators work with students and parents to create safe and engaging classrooms that protect human rights to education and dignity.

National Advocacy

NESRI participates in committees and projects of the DSC aimed at creating local, state and federal policy change to reverse zero-tolerance discipline and promote positive approaches to school climate.

Federal Strategies - NESRI participates in the Federal Strategies Committee and DSC Days at the Capitol events to advocate for federal policy change to support positive approaches to school climate and discipline.

National Week of Action – Each year, NESRI participates in the DSC National Week of Action on School Pushout. The 5th Annual Week of Action will take place from October 3rd to October 11th, 2015. This year's theme is Invest in Public Education Not Prison Cultivation.  Throughout the week, thousands of parents, students, educators and education advocates will take part in parent and student-led actions and events around the country to expose the school pushout crisis and advocate for the human right of every young person to a quality education and to be treated with dignity.