Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaborative

The Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaborative is a partnership between NESRI and Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland, Put People First! Pennsylvania, the Southern Maine Workers’ Center, and the Vermont Workers’ Center. The Healthcare Is a Human Right model Healthcare Is a Human Right is a people’s movement organizing state by state to win universal, publicly financed health care. NESRI and the Collaborative believe that we can significantly advance equity in the United States by treating health care as a public good that belongs to us all. We are united by a bold vision rooted in human rights, and have developed a set of principles, tools and methods to build people power and advance equity and justice in health care and beyond. The Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign model is built around six key elements: Build permanent organization among people most impacted, including through creating organizing committees in people’s communities around each state, anchored by a grassroots base-building group that grows, develops and maintains grassroots leadership, and is governed by the people it organizes Develop leaders in an ongoing process that raises consciousness, advances collective learning and political education, and enables fully participatory decision-making on goals and strategy Use a human rights framework and apply human rights principles to all activities Change the public and political debate by telling people’s own stories in a way that elevates people’s agency and leadership and illuminates the structural failures of the current system Hold powerholders accountable for ensuring human rights Grow the broader human rights movement by uniting constituencies and allies across issues and divisions and challenging oppression at all levels Our History Officially launched in 2015, the Collaborative traces its roots to the 2011 breakthrough of the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign in Vermont. The campaign demonstrated the power of a grassroots, human-rights-based organizing model, and inspired people around the country to launch their own Healthcare Is a Human Right campaigns. NESRI and the Vermont Workers’ Center have been working closely with the campaigns in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Maine from their beginnings. Together, the Collaborative is growing the movement for universal, publicly financed health care and a human-rights-based economy. For more on the Collaborative, visit or contact us at info[at]