Milk with Dignity Campaign (Migrant Justice)

Migrant Justice is a human rights organization primarily constituted and led by Vermont's dairy workers. Formed in the aftermath of the tragic and unecessary death of a young dairy worker -- Jose Obeth Santiz --who was not afforded adequate safety equipment, Migrant Justice seeks to build the voice, capacity, and power of the farmworker community and engage community partners to organize for economic justice and human rights. Migrant Justice primary goals are to ensure: 1) dignified work and quality housing; 2) freedom of movement and access to transportation; 3) freedom from discrimination; and 4) access to health care for their community. NESRI partners with Migrant Justice in the design, strategy, and implementation of their Milk with Dignity Campaign. The Milk with Dignity Campaign is demanding a Worker-driven Social Responsibility model to protect the human rights of dairy workers in the state of Vermont, in particular dignified work and quality housing. Dairy workers routinely face stolen wages, excessive hours that do not allow even seven hours of sleep, no time off, degraded employer housing that fails to meet state standards and unsafe conditions in the workplace. The Campaign's first victory is a groundbreaking agreement with Ben & Jerry's entered into in June of 2015, where Ben & Jerry's committed to work with Vermont dairy workers to adopt a Milk with Dignity Program in their supply chain. But its only the beginning and the Milk with Dignity Campaign is committed not only to ensuring that your Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia is delivered to you in a way that respects farmworkers rights, but that all milk products are produced under dignified conditions.
Media Coverage
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