Videos from Montana's Human Right to Health Care Campaign

This series of short videos features Montana residents talking about their experiences with the health care system. NESRI, along with the Montana Human Rights Network and WEEL Empowers partnered with Creative Counsel and their 1000 Voices Archive to create this video series, which tells stories about the human right to health care in Montana.

The series starts with a story told by Mary Caferro who came to the Montana legislature knowing that health care is a human right.

The series continues with Duran Caferro who shares his positive experiences with the CHIP program and why he fights for children's health care now.

Next, Bill and Amy tell us how they confronted the health insurance industry to get treatment for their daughter Anna.

Finally, nurse Beth Sirr, who also chairs the Universal Health Care Task Force in Lewis & Clark County, shares her perspective on the human right to health care.