Promoting Dignity in Los Angeles Schools

In 2005, NESRI began partnering with CADRE (Community Asset Development Re-defining Education), a parent-led organization in South Los Angeles, to promote human rights to education, dignity and parent participation in Los Angeles public schools. NESRI supported CADRE to document the human rights impact of punitive and exclusionary discipline practices in Los Angeles public schools and to develop a human rights approach to education organizing.

Through our collaboration, NESRI and CADRE produced the human rights report "Deprived of Dignity:Degrading Treatment and Abusive Discipline in New York City and Los Angeles Public Schools" and the training curriculum "Bringing a Human Rights Vision to Public Schools: A Training Manual for Organizers."

In 2007, CADRE won a ground-breaking campaign to pass a district-wide Positive Behavior Support policy in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) that has led to significant decreases in suspensions district-wide. CADRE parents have worked to monitor implementation of the PBS policy and continue to advocate for additional policy changes in the LAUSD.

Since 2008, NESRI and CADRE have continued to work together in the national Dignity in Schools Campaign, challenging the policies and practices that push students out of school across the country and advocating for positive approaches to school climate and discipline that keep students in school.

You can learn more about our ongoing work with CADRE in the national Dignity in Schools Campaign here


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