A Rights-Based Approach to Health Care Reform

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Anja Rudiger and Benjamin Mason Meier
Publication Date: 
November, 2010

This article describes the obligations imposed by the human right to health and how these have been applied to successive health care reform efforts in the United States. It argues that in the United States, these obligations require treating health care as a public good that is financed and administered publicly rather than left to the competing interests of the private market. The chapter concludes with a vision for shifting U.S. discourse and policy from the commodification of health care to the collective pursuit of a healthy society.

Rudiger, Anja and Meier, Benjamin Mason, A Rights-Based Approach to Health Care Reform (2010). RIGHTS-BASED APPROACHES TO PUBLIC HEALTH, Elvira Beracochea, Corey Weinstein & Dabney Evans, eds., Springer, November 2010.

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