DSC Week of Action - Gwinnett STOPP on Radio Free Georgia

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Dignity in Schools Campaign
Publication Date: 
October, 2010

On Wednesday, October 20, Gwinnett STOPP co-chairs Marlyn Tillman and Bill Roston and Interfaith Children's Movement Coordinator Pamela Perkins sat down with Joan Baptist of Radio Free Georgia to discuss the issue of school pushout in Georgia and around the country.

"We're not saying that children should not be disciplined. What we are saying however, is that when a child walks away from a disciplinary process, they should know that they are valued, they should learn a lesson. It should not have been so punitive so now they are being defined by the last mistake that they made," Tillman said. "Children, like adults do not respond to all negative stimuli, they need positive stimuli as well."

Listen to the entire interview below or on the Dignity in Schools website.



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