In Support of MN Tenants Union Struggle Against Displacement at Westminster Court Apts

Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights
Publication Date
December, 2011

NESRI, on behalf of the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights submitted a letter of support to local officials in St. Paul, Minnesota upon the request of our allies, the Minnesota Tenants Union.  MTU has been working with tenants in a 60-unit complex under the imminent threat of eviction.  On Jan. 11th, 2012, the tenants were allowed to intervene as parties in the foreclosure case.  The Campaign highlights the human rights implications of this case, including the need for including the residents in meaningful participation with regard to the solution (whether involving relocation, renovation, or creative conversion - including to a community land trust) the deep need to ensure perpetual affordability of the land/housing and to promote the dignity of the residents.

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