National Telebriefing on the Human Right to Health Care

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Publication Date: 
April, 2010

On March 29, 2010, the Opportunity Agenda organized a National Telebriefing on the Human Right to Health Care in collaboration with NESRI and Amnesty International. In the one hour briefing Anja Rudiger, Human Right to Health Program Director at NESRI, Rachel Ward of Amnesty International and Julie Rowe of the Opportunity Agenda, analyzed the recent health reform law through a human rights lens, focusing on the impact of the law, including on maternal health, and on how to communicate health reform issues within a human rights framework. The following podcast is one hour long. Anja Rudiger speaks from minute 4 to minute 26:40. Rachel Ward speaks from minute 26:46 to minute 43:40. The last section of the recording is dedicated to Julie Rowe of the Opportunity Agenda. She speaks from minute 44:00 till the end. For additional information about this podcast and NESRIā€™s ongoing activities please visit


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