Vermont's People's Budget Bill 2013

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Vermont Workers's Center/NESRI/Public Assets Institute
Publication Date: 
February, 2013

The People's Budget Campaign in Vermont is advoacting for a new approach to budget and revenue policy. The budget process has to start with an assessment of people’s needs and a meaningful process of public participation. In the 2012 legislative session, the Campaign succeeded in getting these key demands recognized in law. According to Vermont statute, the purpose of the state budget is now “to address the needs of the people of Vermont in a way that advances human dignity and equity.” This law also requires “a process for public participation in the development of budget goals, as well as general prioritization and evaluation of spending and revenue initiatives” (32 V.S.A. § 306a).

Now the Campaign is pushing for making this commitment a reality. To faciliate that process, the Vermont Workers' Center drafted, in cooperation with NESRI and the Public Assets Institute, the 2013 People’s Budget bill, which seeks to advance public participation and needs assessments.

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