Watch: A New Social Contract for Black and Latinx Women

On Wednesday, September 19 at 6:30pm at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, National Economic and Social RIghts Initiative and Black Women's Blueprint collaborated for an event exploring what a New Social Contract means for Black and Latinx women.

The speakers were Cathy Albisa, NESRI; Farah Tanis, Black Women’s Blueprint; Akiba Solomon, Colorlines; Jacqueline Ebanks, NYC Commission on Gender Equity; and Genesis Aquino, activist and 51st Assembly District Leader candidate. The event opened with remarks by Kadiatou Tubman of The Schomburg Center.

Our prior social contract is unraveling and political instability threatens to engulf our country. How can we turn this volatile collapse of business as usual into an opportunity to create a better world for all? Although resistance is crucial, we cannot nurture justice and human rights by merely saying no. We must have a clear vision of a better world and challenge the architecture of injustice that targets Black and Latinx women with particular harshness. Black and Latinx women know well the meaning of struggle. We are the most likely to suffer violence, poor jobs, ill health, losing their children, and more. But we also know how to build community and movement-driven solutions.

Watch the video of this conversation with some of our leading voices discussing what a New Social Contract grounded in universal but equitable systems, deep democracy driven by community control, and human rights values means for Black and Latinx women.


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