Endorse the Health Care Is a Human Right Campaign!

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Vermont Can Lead the Way is a national initiative of people who believe healthcare is a human right and applaud the growing grassroots people’s movement that has led to Vermont becoming the first state to pass a law for a publicly financed universal healthcare system. This law represents a historic step by committing to providing healthcare as a public good for all.  The importance of this effort cannot be underestimated, and we urge the State of Vermont to shepherd the implementation of this law so as to ensure a genuinely equitable and comprehensive system of care for all.   

By building on the critical efforts of a growing human right to healthcare movement in the United States, the people of Vermont are leading the way to healthcare justice. People across this country, watch with growing hope and optimism and pledge our support to the efforts of the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign to ensure the human right to healthcare in Vermont and across the country.

"Yes! I will endorse the Vermont Workers’ Center’s Healthcare is a Human Right campaign.  I pledge my public support for healthcare that is a public good and a human right, in Vermont, and beyond. "

Endorse the campaign at WorkersCenter.org.

Lead Organization: 
Vermont Workers' Center
Co-sponsoring Organizations: 
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative