Petitioning NYC Mayor, Chancellor and Dept. of Education: We Need Solutions, Not Suspensions!

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Sign the Dignity in Schools Campaign's petition to New York City's heads of education in order to stop school pushout and create a safer, and more supportive environment in public schools.

The petition calls on the Mayor, Chancellor, and Department of Education to:

  1. Mandate Guidance Intervention, like counseling, mediation, and restorative justice before suspension (except for the most serious behaviors).
  2. Provide Trainings to All School Staff on the purpose and use of Guidance Interventions to prevent and reduce conflict and disruption.
  3. End Suspensions for "Defying or Disobeying Authority," a minor misbehavior that is the second most common reason for suspensions.

You can read the full petition here

Lead Organization: 
Dignity in Schools Campaign
NYC Mayor, Chancellor, and Department of Education

The Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) is a coalition of parents, teachers, youth, and community advocates organizing for education reform. The DSC believes that every child has the right to a quality education, and works to transform harsh punitive measures that often lead to school pushout and in some cases, incarceration.