Put People First! The People’s Budget Campaign - Sign the Vermont Petition

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The Vermont Workers' Center's new campaign has launched a petition to be delivered to legislators at the beginning of the 2012 legislative session. Read the petition below and sign it here.

We call for a People’s Budget that makes human rights and the needs of our communities the top priority.  

We believe:

  1. Vermont’s budget must put people first. Our spending and revenue policies must meet every Vermonter’s fundamental needs, including healthcare, housing, food, education, good jobs and a healthy environment. These are our basic human rights and public goods that our government must guarantee for all Vermonters.
  2. Vermont’s budget must make providing public services for those who need them its highest priority. We must work to eliminate poverty, so that everyone can lead a life of dignity.
  3. Vermont must adopt an equitable tax policy that allows us to meet people’s needs. State and federal tax cuts and subsidies have made the wealthy even wealthier and left everyone else behind, leading to a vast and growing income inequality. Vermont should raise revenue from those who can afford it, to meet the needs of our communities.
  4. Vermont must develop its budget in a transparent and accountable way, with participation from the people. Only the participation of Vermonters can ensure that our budget will put people first.
Lead Organization: 
Vermont Workers' Center
Vermont administration and legislature
January 1, 2012


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