Sign the Petition to Stop the Demolition of New Orleans' Iberville Housing Development

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Sign the online letter here to demand that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development not award a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant to the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) and City of New Orleans to demolish and privatize the Iberville Public Housing Development.

Lead Organization: 
C3/Hands Off Iberville
Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

In October 2010, HANO and the City of New Orleans submitted an application to HUD to receive a Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant. The decision of the City and HANO to seek the demolition of Iberville and redevelopment of a "mixed-income" development is a continuation of the same housing and development policies that have led to several violations of the human right to housing since Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, which has been extensively documented by several UN experts (see a list of visits by UN experts in the Urgent Appeal available here).  Since 2007, Mayday New Orleans has bore witness to the consequences of the City and HANO's decision to demolish the "Big 4" public housing developments in New Orleans, which has included forced evictions, mass displacement, a doubled rate of homelessness, and an inadequate supply of affordable units and rental assistance vouchers. Mayday New Orleans, a grassroots organization led by current and former public housing residents and a member of the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights, has been fighting for residents' right to return home. Now, what HUD and HANO are calling a “transformation plan” will only deepen the dire affordable housing crisis confronting New Orleans.

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