Vermont Workers' Center Calls for Action on Universal Health Care, despite Governor Shumlin's Refusal to Move Forward

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Are you outraged about the Vermont Governor's failure to act on universal, publicly financed healthcare? 

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This week we witnessed Governor Shumlin giving up his role in Vermont's move to universal healthcare, as he caved to pressure from big businesses and his millionaire buddies. While the Governor maintains that his decision was based on economic criteria, we see this as a purely political move.

The crisis continues
Shumlin says that now is not the time for universal healthcare. Well, what do you think? Is it not the time to implement the solutions we've been pushing for decades? Is it not the time to end the suffering, the fear, the debt we experience when we and our loved ones need healthcare?

We say, now is not the time to let Shumlin's decision to cave stop our movement. Now more than ever is the time to join together and fight for our rights. The will of the people is clear. We are moving forward with or without the Governor's support.

Taking action
Yesterday over 100 people from across the state came to the Statehouse steps. They shared stories about how the current crisis impacts their lives, and burned their medical bills. Members then flooded the Statehouse, delivering toast to Shumlin's office to let him know that if he burns the people of Vermont, his career is toast! Check out the VTDigger coverage and video from the Statehouse action.

Finally members marched to the Green Mountain Care Board to ask them to stay strong in continuing to move forward with implementing Act 48. Board members were moved by the powerful personal stories people shared, and shared that they are committed to moving forward.

What's next?
It's not a surprise to us that a law isn't enough.  Again and again we've seen that without a powerful people's movement, politicians will roll back victories and cave in to pressure from the big business lobby.  That's why on January 8th, we'll be back at the statehouse to welcome in the legislature with a creative rally and mass action, demonstrating in no uncertain terms that we expect legislators to follow through with Act 48 and build a universal single-payer healthcare system for all Vermont residents.

January 8th: United for All People, All Care: Rally and Mass Action
On January 8th we'll make it clear to elected and appointed officials that our people's movement for healthcare as a human right has no intention of backing down. Mark your calendars and join us at the statehouse at 10am for a rally and creative mass action - More details coming soon.
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