Economic & Social Rights Platform

NESRI works with community partners to build a broad-based movement for economic and social rights, bringing together struggles for education, health, housing and work with dignity to create a cohesive platform for economic, social and racial justice in the United States. 

The United States fails to protect and fulfill the economic and social rights of its people. Millions toil in precarious, low wage jobs, lack affordable housing, forgo needed health care, are pushed from schools into prisons, and struggle to feed their families in the world’s most prosperous country. Public policies fuel this crisis through austerity measures that cut public services, a tax system that privileges corporations and the wealthy, and the systematic criminalization of people of color and those living in poverty. But resistance is growing everywhere and communities are organizing for change. NESRI supports the most impacted communities in building power and a movement for advancing equity and justice through meaningful policy change.

The diverse struggles for making human rights a reality are closely linked, enabling us to forge a compelling unified vision. NESRI is offering a broad platform for systemic change grounded in a human rights framework and guided by these overarching goals: strengthening public goods, advancing equity and justice, and building power.